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Inside the Epic, Art-Filled Penthouse With A Waterfall By ODA

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A cigar room. A zen garden with a water feature. A recording studio. Multiple lounges. A 30-foot waterfall. A barrel-vaulted wine cellar. These are just a few of the things one will find in this epic, jaw-dropping 20,000-square-foot duplex penthouse designed by ODA Architecture. We saw renderings of the space last summer, and now that the mindboggling home is complete (the renovation took four years), ODA made a 12 minute video to show off their work—and the owner's insane art collection of Monets, Dalis, Chagalls, and Arps. And, despite the over dramatization and ridiculous models, the video is worth every one of those minutes (sadly, embedding is disabled, but you can watch it here). ODA does not name the location of the home, but Curbed commenters and tipsters pointed out that it's most likely the penthouse of Trump World Tower on First Avenue near the United Nations. That would make the owner of this supreme spread the Senior Managing Director of the Blackstone Group, who reportedly bought the 89th floor and half of the 90th floor in 2007. Then, according to a commenter, he finally bought out the occupant of the other half of the 90th floor.

ODA Executive Director Eran Chen narrates the video. He says that the biggest "challenge was to express the greatness of the space and the big perspectives that you get and the depth of the apartment without overwhelming you." The home was essentially divided in half, with the southern half being the private residence and the northern half functioning as the entertaining space. Every room was created to express something totally different about the client, who had "desires to bring elements and memories from different places of the world." You can also check out the home in Architectural Digest and the Robb Report.
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Trump World Tower

327 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017