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Big Reveal: $1.695 Million For a Williamsburg Penthouse

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The guesses were varied and the Williamsburg-related debate (which quickly devolved, of course, into an argument about The Edge) was fierce for this week's Pricespotter, a 1BR penthouse that turns out to be, as commenter Doug Green correctly speculated, in loft conversion 55 Berry Street. The actual price was $1.695 million, and a couple of anonymous commenters who guessed $1.65 million came the closest, but overall the guesses trended low. Commenter portnoys complaint provided some salient analysis: "I'm not sure this is prime Williamsburg. It looks blocks both from the water and from Bedford. I like the terrace and love the bright, sunlit interiors. However, notice the computer desk is in the bedroom: even the current resident can't bear to put the cramped, windowless 'office' to its intended use."

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