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Half-Demolished Clark Street 'Eyesore' To Get Historic Revamp

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The half-demolished, Greek-Revival-but-you-wouldn't-know-it-these-days townhouse at 100 Clark Street is in for the works. Brooklyn Eagle reports that owner Newcastle Realty Services, who purchased the ramshackle abode in the Brooklyn Heights historic district (warning: PDF!) for $1.25 million in October 2010, is gearing up to return the home to its original majesty. Built in the early 1850's, the home in the then-suburbs had largely fallen into structural disrepair and two-and-a-half of its five stories were dismantled by the city in 2008—wrongly, we might add, according to the owner who filed an $18 million lawsuit with the city. What's coming for the derelict building? A remaking the home's original owner, a "commission merchant" named Samuel West, could be proud of, says the Eagle. Plans for the rebuilding were approved in 2011 by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and include a new stoop and staircase, a mansard roof with slate shingles, and obviously, a rebuilding of the demolished floors of the home.

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