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This Carriage House With a Secret Pool Wants $85,000/Month

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This 25-foot-wide house on East 83rd Street was once J.P. Morgan's carriage house, and if the 19th century industrialist could see it today he would either be really impressed or run away screaming, because the entire house—from lighting to music to thermostats—is controlled via touchpad. And that's not even the most intriguing part: apparently, the kitchen floor can slide open to reveal a swimming pool. (The pool is not pictured, but that's okay—it doesn't sound like something people would want to see pictures of.)

The house's owner, businessman Karan Trehan, bought it with his wife in 1995 and they renovated it together, filling the 7,200-square-foot building "with artwork and heavy Anglo-Indian furniture, reflecting their shared Indian background." After the couple separated in 2007, Trehan renovated the house again to reflect it being a sick bachelor pad. All the art is now for sale, and the house is available to rent at $85,000/month. Make sure you get a look at that pool before you sign the lease, though.

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