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53 Greene Slips Onto Market With 3 Of 5 Condos Already Gone

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A five-unit conversion at 53 Greene Street that quietly entered the market about four months ago has "officially" launched sales, with its penthouse listing for $14,050,000 last week. Four full-floor residences, all with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and the same floorplan, are asking $6.34M to $6.57M. Meanwhile, the 3BR/4BA penthouse is spread over two levels and has a giant roof deck. Reps say 53 Greene, developed by AORE, stayed under the radar even though listings were up in order to wait until construction was further along to market the apartments; that strategy must've worked, since three of the five units are already in contract. Apartments are defined by up-to-12-foot ceilings, typical Soho-esque columns, modern fireplaces, and energy-saving lighting. A virtual doorman and individual cellar storage comprise the amenities.

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