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Chuckle At These Renderings Of 10 New Williamsburg Condos

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The very slim, eight-story development coming to 738 Grand Street between Humboldt and Graham avenues has new, really-well staged renderings. Buzz Buzz Home spotted the newness on architect S3's website. The building will contain 10 one-and-two-bedroom condos, with the top two floors occupied by two duplex apartments with double-height spaces. A nice perk of the building: each condo will have a balcony or roof terrace with pretty awesome views, according to the renderings—that is, if you're above the fifth floor. The building's rooftop will have shared recreational space with a lounge, picnic areas, an electric grill, and mini-bar. The ground floor will host commercial space. Prior to its current steel and glass iteration, the building was poised to host a brick and steel facade.

The building will start construction in 2014.
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