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Bronx Waterfront Redevelopment Is Really Happening, It Seems

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Although the idea was formally announced just a month ago, the plan for a swath of Harlem River frontage in the South Bronx to be redeveloped into mixed-use, pedestrian friendly space has gained tremendous momentum. In harmonious synch with Curbed's in-depth exploration of the proposed parkland, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. has released a new review (Warning: PDF!), alongside a third-party report commissioned by the non-profit SoBRO, outlining what the proposed Special Harlem River Waterfront District (SHRWD) between 138th and 149th streets would bring to the borough. As expected, the reports are largely positive.

SHRWD development, which hopes to emulate the Brooklyn Bridge Park and its successful integration of former industrial area into community-used space, will bring 3,500 new jobs to the Lower Concourse, the report details (Warning: PDF!). Particularly important to the proposal is the development of 1,529 units of mixed-income housing, which Welcome 2 The Bronx points out as an essential component to creating a sustainable district. At an estimated cost of $500 million, the proposal puts to use the 2009 rezoning of the SHRWD and will add over 1.1 million square feet of residential space, 865,000 of commercial space, and 269,000 square feet of community space to the largely neglected area. New renderings and massings from Mangusson Architecture and Planning's third-party report illustrate a promising future for the waterfront industrial lots of (perhaps, soon-to-be) yore.