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This Park Avenue Apartment With Gold Ceilings Is Absurd

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"Custom-designed," the brokerbabble accompanying this listing begins, superfluously. The 2,178-square-foot 2BR in Trump Park Avenue (of course it's in a Trump building) includes "coffered ceilings with 22-carat gold leaf gilding on the beautifully patterned beams and an elegant Parquet de Versailles floor of solid white oak" in the living room and, astonishingly, things do not get less weird from there. The all-black granite kitchen is a particular standout, but really every room is mind-boggling in its own way. It was purchased in 2007 for $5.2 million, and who knows how much all that gold leaf and wallpaper cost, but it's now asking an even $10 million.

· Listing: 502 Park Avenue #19D [Corcoran]
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502 Park Ave.

502 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022