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Excavation Begins For Queens' New Tallest Apartment Building

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The reign of 43-25 Hunter Street, which was set to become New York City's tallest residential building outside Manhattan upon its completion in 2016, will be short lived, as another Long Island City tower is in the works that will rise even higher. 42-12 28th Street will be 27 percent taller when the Heatherwood-developed, Goldstein, Hill & West-designed building reaches its full height of 646 feet. (Although DOB permits have the building at 596 feet, NY YIMBY points out that that number doesn't take the bulkhead into account.) The tower will contain 477 units and a relatively small amount of retail space, and YIMBY reports that excavation is currently underway on the new high-rise.

42-12 28th Street will stand only 12 feet shorter than the tallest (non-residential) outer borough building, One Court Square, and 56 feet taller than Brooklyn's tallest building, 388 Bridge Street, which was completed last year.
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