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What Was Your Worst New York City Hotel Experience? Tell Us!

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During last year's Hotels Week, we scoured the internet for the worst reviews of New York City hotels out there. Now we want to hear from you, readers, about your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad (etc.) experiences trying to shack up in guest rooms across the city. (The photo, by the way, is of La Semana Hotel, which, as of last June, had 20 bad reviews out of 27 total on TripAdvisor.)

Were there uninvited guests pests? Was it dirty or noisy? Was there terrible service? Unconscionable next-room-over neighbors? We want to hear it all, so please leave your vivid anecdotes in the comments section below or send them to the tipline. Naming names is part of the fun, but your anonymity is guaranteed, of course. We'll round up the best worst tales and publish them on Friday. So fire away. We can't wait to hear what you've got.
· Hotels Week 2014 [Curbed]