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Historic, Lovely 70 Pine Street Awaits Its Rental Conversion

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In Newsweek, Alexander Nazaryan pens a love letter to 70 Pine Street, the 1931-built Art Deco skyscraper that is gearing up for a major conversion. It hasn't been open to the public in decades, Nazaryan notes, and developer Rose Associates's project to turn the classic office building into rental apartments, commercial space, and a hotel is a chance to take a peek at what's inside and remember its vibrant history. Starting in the fall, 644 rental apartments will begin leasing, plus a 132-unit extended stay hotel, and a high-end gym and restaurant. The gilded, landmarked lobby will be infused with retailers, with a lounge or club on the 63rd through 65th floors. In a rare turn, Adam Rose spoke out about the development: "70 Pine will be 'expensive but attainable,' with interiors by noted architect and designer Deborah Berke. Rose says of his ideal residents, 'These aren't supermodels or trust-fund brats.'"

Writer Nazaryan tries to describe his love for the early skyscraper, and his excitement for its grand reopening:

I am in love with a cougar. She is an octogenarian, an old-fashioned dame who won't be cowed by younger rivals adorned in flashier vestments. She has lost some luster, true, but she is about to regain it. And when she does, you will understand why I gaze longingly at her from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, as tourists jostle to take pictures of lesser beauties that have long been stripped of any mystery. Whoa there boy. One thing's for certain: with 644 apartments on the way, 70 Pine won't be underappreciated—or left empty—for long.
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70 Pine Street

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