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City's Saddest Penthouse Finds a Buyer, Is Sad No More

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The duplex penthouse in 16 Warren Street hit the market in 2008 for $9.175 million. By September of 2012 it had dropped to $6.2 million and was dubbed (by us) the City's Saddest Penthouse. Now, after six years, six brokers, and untold pricechops, the unit has finally found a buyer and the man who made it happen is none other than "Million Dollar Listing New York" star Fredrik Eklund, who took to his Instragram today to spread the news. "Contract signed!" he writes. "It wasn't easy, but damn the broker who gives up. Oh, and a shoutout to all the negative commenters on all the articles written about this one - all along I for one loved the apartment. Weeeeeeeeee!" No word yet on what the apartment sold for, but it was most recently priced at $5.495 million.

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