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Where to Stay in New York City If You're Traveling With Pets

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We've devoted a lot of time this Hotels Week to the best places in New York City for humans to stay, but now our attention turns to the non-human companions. Lots of hotels in the city allow pets, but most are less than welcoming, with exorbitant fees and limits on the number and weight of pets allowed. Then there are a handful of hotels that not only allow pets but welcome them, offering amenities and services more luxurious than most dogs (and some cats, although they probably don't care as much) will ever get the chance to experience.

1) The Tribeca Grand welcomes pets with open arms—there's no surcharge and complementary treats, bedding, food and water bowls, and doggy bags are provided upon arrival. Other pet services can be arranged through the concierge. In addition, guests can request a pet goldfish for the duration of their stay, free of charge.

2) Like its sister hotel, the Soho Grand has no surcharge, treats, bedding, optional goldfish, etc. It also has its own dog run, complete with fire hydrant water stations and a landscaped garden.

3) The Affinia chain, including such hotels as Affinia Fifty, Affinia Dumont, Affinia Manhattan, and others cater specifically to pet owners, but the amenities differ slightly from hotel to hotel. The Fifty, for instance, offers skin moisturizer, odor remover, mosquito repellent, and a bad-breath zapper for dogs, while The Benjamin has a doggie bathrobe. (Treats, food and water bowls, toys, and other staples are standard at every one.) The hotels have a $50 pet fee, $10 of which goes to the Humane Society of NY.

4) Affinia's chief competition for pet-friendliest hotel chain is Kimpton, which has four New York City outposts: 70 Park Avenue, The Muse, Ink 48, and Eventi Hotel. The Muse has a teacup pomeranian as a mascot and a human/pet spa package, which includes in-room pedicures for both parties. The other hotels offer similar amenities, and there are no initial fees for bringing an animal, although the pedicures will cost you.

5) The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park charges a hefty $125 fee and only allows pets under 20 pounds, but on the bright side, it offers a bunch of pet amenities including dog beds, toys, treats, bowls, and waste bags. The desk also gives a you welcome note for your pet, so that's worth $125 right there.

6) Loews Regency on the Upper East Side charges a $25 cleaning fee, but also provide pet owners with complementary gift baskets that include treats and a bowl. They also provide such services as a room-service menus for cats and dogs, dog-walking route maps, [et-walking and pet-sitting services, and of course the customary treats and toys.

7) The Algonquin Hotel has a pet cat named Matilda III, the latest in a tradition that began when owner Frank Case adopted a stray that had wandered onto the premises in the late 1930s. The hotel has kept a house cat ever since, naming the males Hamlet and the females Matilda. The cat gets a birthday party every year and has an email address. Guests' pets get to stay for free.

8) The Hotel Pennsylvania hosts the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is a pretty good pet-friendly credential. Owners have to pay a $25 fee and pets get a free treat upon check-in.
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