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Get in Line: Lottery to Dole Out 12 Very Affordable EVill Co-Ops

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The Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association is holding an affordable housing lottery for the first time since 2001. The lottery will see the alloting of 12 studio and two-bedroom co-op apartments in the East Village to lucky applicants who will pay "a few thousand dollars" and a low monthly maintenance of less than $550 for the homes, says the Association's director. DNAinfo reports that to qualify for a studio, a person must make between $18,050 and $48,100, and to qualify for a two-bedroom, a couple must make between $20,600 and $55,000. When the Association held the last housing lottery in 2001, some 8,000 people applied. Contenders, take note: over six of the co-ops in the lottery will be prioritized for current residents of Community Board 3.
· Lottery Offers East Village Co-Ops for 'a Few Thousand Dollars' [DNAinfo]