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Where To Stay If You Need To Be Near A New York City Airport

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There are many airports around the world that provide travelers with on-site, high-end, luxury hotel accommodations. New York City's airports are not these airports. Of the three airports in this metropolis, Newark Liberty International is the only one with a hotel actually on the premises. JFK may one day host a boutique hotel in the landmarked TWA Terminal, but for now, the options are limited to a few nearby chain hotels. So where to stay if you must absolutely stay close to the airport? We scoured review sites like TripAdvisor and—which make it clear that the people choosing these hotels are choosing them because they need to be near the airport—and found the two best-reviewed hotels close to each of New York's three airports.


A new Howard Johnson opened last fall just across the street from the Jamaica Airtrain station. Since it's brand new, the rooms are in great shape, and they feature touchpad key entry, flatscreen TVs, and free wireless internet. The property is 100 percent smoke-free, and breakfast is free. TripAdvisor users say its extremely easy access to JFK, the staff is very accommodating, and it's cheap. Plus, the building is like a beacon in the night: "Hotel is nicely lit up at nighttime so is easy to spot!"

The pool at the Hilton New York JFK may not be one of the best hotel pools in the city, but hey, it exists and it looks pretty nice. Although, it doesn't seem like many people use it because very few people mention it in their reviews. On the other hand, Dana, the bartender, repeatedly comes up in reviews—people absolutely love her: "She isn't merely pouring liquid into a glass, she mixes drinks. Good...consistant...drinks." If don't need to be near the airport, but getting sloshed at hotel bars is your thing, you may want to consider this Hilton anyway. The hotel also has a full restaurant, and rooms have free wifi, refrigerators, and desks.


Waterbugs flying out of LaGuardia need not fret—the Hampton Inn also provides an indoor pool. But it's also rarely mentioned in reviews, so it's probably not that great/no one uses it. This hotel is extremely close to the airport, just a five minute shuttle ride, and that is the main draw for guests staying here. People also praise the comfy beds and enjoy the free breakfast, but note that other dining options nearby are slim and there is no on-site restaurant.

People love the SpringHill Suites near LaGuardia—it has 84 five star reviews on TripAdvisor and a score of 9.3/10 on What's so great about this Marriott outpost? Reviewers love the free hot breakfast. One even listed everything offered, though he notes that the tater tots are "not that great." The rooms, all of which are suites (it's right there in the name, after all), are large, and apparently the people who work here are the nicest humans on the planet.


The Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott is the only hotel actually on the premise of a New York-area airport. About a third of the travelers who reviewed the hotel on TripAdvisor were business travelers, and, like all the other hotels on this list, people choose it because of its proximity to the airport. It also has a pool, and it seems like this one is actually used! Multiple reviews on mention that it's great, though one man was disappointed in the lack of a jacuzzi. The hotel also offers an on-site bar and restaurant, but the lounge, evidently, seriously lacks in sweet treats. According to one review, "There were a few sad custards left and about half dozen people all asking for cookies. They eventually arrived but were just ordinary."

The exterior of the Hampton Inn near Newark airport is nothing to write home about, but it is the #1 rated hotel (out of 12) in Elizabeth, NJ. Woohoo! Jokes aside, travelers appreciate the ease and reliability of the airport shuttle and enjoy the free breakfast and snacks. Since it's a Hampton Inn, there is no on-site restaurant, but the hotel shuttle will take you anywhere in the area for free.
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