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DOB Issues Demolition Order For Hideous Homecrest House

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Because of a filing error and lack of oversight, it seemed like the godawful tumor house at 1882 East 12th Street near Avenue S in South Brooklyn was going to stay put. But the Department of Buildings finally stepped in last month and ordered a structural review of the unfinished building, which has plagued the neighbors for nearly eight years. However, architect Shlomo Wygoda and the owner, Joseph Durzieh, did not play nice and refused to submit to a structural review. Since he could submit no proof that the building was sound, a tipster tells us, the DOB issued an emergency order to demolish the structure over concerns about the stability of the foundation walls.

However, this does not mean the wrecking ball will arrive tomorrow. The Borough Commissioner has the ability to stop the demolition if the architect can comply and make the site safe. It seems highly unlikely that Wygoda and the owner will suddenly have a change of heart. Our tipster tells use that the owner has refused to let the DOB access the site, even though it has been stalled and unfinished for several years. It's unclear how long the commissioner has to issue a hold on demolition, but it's looking likely that the neighbors will soon get their wish.
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