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Artsy Community Garden Coming To Hudson Square Plaza

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Not far from the entrance to the Holland Tunnel in Hudson Square, there's a little Parks Department plaza called Duarte Square, bordered by Canal Street, Sixth Avenue, and Grand Street. It has an important history, but the site itself is a barren concrete triangle, save for a few trees and a statue of Juan Pablo Duarte, the 19th century liberator of the Dominican Republic. But this May, a temporary public art project will bring new life to the square with a new community garden designed by artist Juanli Carrion. Called the Outer Seed Shadow, the 2,000-square-foot garden will be shaped like Manhattan, and it will feature plants chosen by immigrants living in different parts of the city to explore "the diversity of migrant communities and their experience in NYC." An interactive map on the garden's website shows that the placement of the plants corresponds with the real-life location of the person who chose it. The garden will be open until December, and like all community gardens, the public is welcome to care for the plants. Outer Seed Shadow will be an ongoing project, and the artist plans to create more gardens in different locations.

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