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This $2.7M Penthouse Is Dwarfed By Its Own Terrace

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This 1,550-square-foot 2BR/2.5BA penthouse in 59 John Street, just listed for $2.695 million, has its charms, but the real selling point is the private wraparound terrace, which, at 1,821 square feet, is larger than the apartment itself. (It's also private in the sense that no one else in the building has access to it, but not in the sense of being hidden or secluded—it actually appears to be directly bordered by the windows from a dozen or so apartments in a neighboring building.) Sure, during the long winter months you might find yourself wishing that so much of your space wasn't outdoors, but it'll all be worth it come spring, which should be starting ... any day now.

· Listing: 59 John Street #PH2 [Nestseekers]

59 John Lofts

, New York, New York