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The Meatpacking District Is NYC's 'New Hip Workplace'

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The Meatpacking District is pretty obviously a long lost cause for those bemoaning the hyper Carrie-fication of New York, but The Wall Street Journal proclaiming the neighborhood "the new hip workplace" might just be the final nail in the coffin.

Or, if we're shooting for accuracy, the dirt dumped over the grave.

Along with Whitney Museum of American Art set for completion in 2015, there are currently five new mixed-use office/retail buildings under construction or in the planning stages in the neighborhood. The 55,000-square-foot 837 Washington Street soon to open, and the ten-story glass wall that is 860 Washington Street has just recently broken ground. Around the corner, 61 Ninth Avenue is going through the approval process and down the street at 9-19 Ninth Avenue, Aurora Capital Associates and William Gottlieb Real Estate will soon submit plans for a five-story office/retail building.

The demand for office space in the area is so great, Aurora Capital VP Jared Epstein says that he "would not be surprised if office rents stay at the stratospheric $85- to $125-per-square-foot range in new developments."

Hey, on the complete flip-side, there are still a few more days left to donate to Brian Rose's Kickstarter campaign. He's raising money to fund his book of fantastic Meatpacking District photos from 1985 and 2013. Good old Jeremiah over at Jeremiah's Vanishing New York wrote the preface.
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837 Washington Street

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Whitney Downtown

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