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Robert Scarano Shows Off New Green Building, Acts Crazy

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Once banned from building in New York, bizarro architect Robert Scarano is back with a vengeance, and he's reinvented himself as a champion of green architecture. His new project out in Brighton Beach, dubbed Bright 'n Green (ha!), might be the first multifamily development in the country to gain Living Building certification, which is the toughest green standard in the game due to its strict water- and energy-use requirements.
The near-complete, six-unit condo building is set to debut in April, and pricing will range from $325,000 for the smallest studio to $850,000 for the largest two-bedroom. However, thanks to its green qualities, residents will save a bundle by essentially being spared a utility bill. The building will have 133 solar panels, rooftop turbines, a sophisticated rainwater collection and filtration systems, and induction cooktops which rely on electromagnetic heat. Bright 'n Green will also be net-positive, meaning the building will sell energy back to the grid.

Scarano, though, is still his same old brash self, spouting ridiculous quotes and generally acting like a lunatic.

· On air/water quality: "The air in this building is better than the air in a Columbia-Presbyterian surgical suite . . . The water is like if you put a spoon in the Catskill reserves."

· On the building's use of foliage: "It'll look like that National Geographic documentary about what would happen if the people left and all the plants took over."

· On the building's compost toilets: "That's the worker doo-doo by the way . . . I got the honor of christening it!"

· On his checkered past: "Quite frankly, I said I did nothing wrong, but I guess I must have done something wrong to be vilified like that."

· On staying humble and keeping things in perspective: "Brighton is going to be put on the map because of this job."

Never change, Bobby. Never change.
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