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Comment Of The Day

"The disjointed nature predates Mensch: in the 20's the upper floor studio was added in a haphazard way by the owner, Charles Webster Hawthorne, who was Norman Rockwell's teacher at one point. It was used as floor-through apartments for a time, which explains the mismatched interior renovations, until a family bought it in 2005: the owners lived in the ground floor and their adult children lived in the upper floor 'apartments' which were semi-combined. They took the line that they 'could be persuaded' to sell it, and moved into a nearby apartment building in anticipation of it selling quickly. Despite having received several offers at a probably-appropriate $6-7 million, they've refused to sell, and even have undergone a couple poorly-planned 'renovations' in an effort to make it more appealing to buyers. In reality though, these ill-advised efforts have made the house even more disjointed in interior appearance, and as such, remains unsold."—anon [Confused West Village Townhouse Returns Asking $10 Million]