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170 Amsterdam Tops Out; High Rents Push Out Bronxites

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UPPER WEST SIDE—The crazy exoskeletal 170 Amsterdam Avenue has topped out at 20 stories, as of earlier this month. The Handel Architects-designed, Equity Residential-developed tower will contain 239 units in its zany exterior. If you happen to be passing by and are compelled to snap a picture, feel free to send it our way. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

THE SOUTH SOUTH BRONX—Even the South Bronx isn't safe from gentrification, as residents of the Highbridge and Grand Concourse neighborhoods are being pushed out by rising rents, Crain's reports. However, the gentrification there differs from the gentrification in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as "the new wave of so-called gentrifiers are actually not that much better off than the people they are replacing," leading to rise in a homelessness in the area. [Crain's]