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Long-In-the-Works Eastern Parkway Condo Shows Itself

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It's been seven years since work first began at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, and now, after a few design changes and an owner swap, the eight-story condo building shows itself to the world. A weekend walk down the parkway revealed that the building's scaffolding is now gone, giving the first good look at the Meshberg Group-designed building. It's certainly better than what could have been built on the site, but since its immediate neighbors are classic Crown Heights townhouses, it also looks incredibly out of place. BlueJay Management is the developer, and the 65 condos 65 rentals are expected to come to market this spring.

The street level will have 8,000-square-feet of retail and community space, and there are terraces on the rooftop and second story. Here's how the design team describes the building:

We recreated the grandeur of the turn of the century architecture but with today's means and methods. The interiors are clean with transitional cabinetry and modern hardware and appliances. The bathrooms are stylish and functional with timeless character and contemporary features. Designed for the young professionals and the families of Brooklyn, this building will become the newest landmark to be built on Eastern Parkway in the past century.You can see two interior renderings here. UPDATE: A marketing rep for the building reached out to say that it has switched back to rentals, which was the original plan, but then in December 2012, we were told it would be condos.
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341 Eastern Parkway

341 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11225