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16-Story Third Avenue Building Looks Like A Hotel Elevator

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The structure rising at 133 Third Avenue has a new rendering, but that's about it. It was over two years ago when workers on the site accidentally broke through an adjoining wall to the neighboring NYU dorm, sending wet concrete oozing through the cracks. EV Grieve points out that not much has happened at the site since then, except for a failed lawsuit following the concrete debacle filed by the dorm building owners, who are surprisingly not the real estate-devouring NYU.

The DOB signed off on permits for the 15-unit structure last March. The building, a "hideous blemish" that "looks like an elevator in a Marriott" according to one EVG commenter, is designed by Alexander Zhitnik of Grad Urban Design. In addition to the luxury of having a front sidewalk crowded by smoking and gabbing NYU students, the building will host the pretty standard amenities of bike storage, regular storage, and a laundry room.
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