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This $3.58M Unit Just Became Queens' Most Expensive Condo

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In what has become a common occurrence, a new apartment has been listed that has taken over the title of Queens' Most Expensive Condo. Even less surprisingly, it's in The View in Long Island City, the same building that contained the previous Most Expensive Condo as well as a penthouse that became the most expensive Queens apartment on the market when it was listed in January. That apartment was later trumped by another penthouse in Vere 26 and now they have both been overtaken by this ground-floor 1,842-square-foot 3BR/3BA, which hit the market earlier this month asking $3.58 million, or almost $2,000 per square foot. Not only that, but according to LICtalk the apartment is close to going into contract already. The place benefits from its high ceilings and backyard with a view of Manhattan, but if a ground-floor apartment can become Queens' most expensive condo so easily then there have to be bigger things on the way in the near future.

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