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Castimatidis Will Open Checkbook to World's Fair Enthusiasts

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Billionaire supermarket ownerJohn Castimatidis wants "dreamers" and enthusiasts to pitch inspiring ideas for another World's Fair in Queens. At stake? NYDN reports that Castimatidis has promised a check—only along with a successful bid—to fund efforts to preserve the crumbling World's Fair structures of yesteryear. Why? Because the former mayoral hopeful is a World's Fair superfan.

Upon the 75th and 50th anniversary of the '39 and '64 expos, the city is sponsoring events from fireworks to exhibits to rekindle memories of the fairs and promote their spirit amongst younger people. Hype around the 1964 World's Fair has brought a lot of attention to the expo's deteriorating structures, still erect in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Queens President Melinda Katz has vowed to protect the fixtures like the New York State Pavilion from being torn down, as was entertained in two Parks Department-sponsored studies in 2009 and 2012.

"I can make it happen," the former Republican mayoral candidate said to NYDN of another World's Fair in Queens and the rehabilitation of the site's current structures, "But you need people who have dreams." With a 50th anniversary fair out of the question, the expo enthusiast hopes to see one in 2018 or 2020. "I'd rather be late than never."
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