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Crown Heights Church-Replacing Apartment Building Revealed

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Plans to replace a Crown Heights church with a five-story, 165-unit apartment building were revealed last November, and a stroll past the site yesterday revealed that work has now started. Signage on the construction fencing showed the above rendering, and the church and its community hall at 267 Rogers Avenue are being demolished. The site stretches the length of the block, from Carroll to Crown Street, and the new building will take advantage of the entire piece of real estate; zoning allows for a 112,155-square-foot structure, and that's what is being built. The church and hall were set back from the street, allowing for an open grass lawn on all sides of the property. The new building permits were approved last week, and Think Architecture and Design is the architect of record.

The permits indicate a rec room, fitness center, and laundry facilities in the cellar level, and apartments on all other floors, including the ground level, which is unfortunate. This stretch of Rogers Avenue is pretty dead and could really benefit from retail space. But considering that the street level retail at the Plex, located just a few blocks away on the much more active Nostrand Avenue, is still empty several years after opening, maybe forgoing commercial space was a smart decision. The site will also have 83 parking spaces, some inside, some out.
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