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Someone Just Bought The 'Pinkstone' (Now Brown) For $4.5M

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The townhouse formerly known as the Pinkstone has found a new owner. According to a photo broker Fredrik Eklund posted on Instagram, the 6BR/4BA home commanded its most recent $4,450,000 asking price. The home, which lost its beloved/hated pink facade in 2012, has been on the market since July, but got a visit from the PriceChoper and switched brokers to Eklund and co. only recently. Crows Eklund on Instagram:

This one is extra fun because it's a record for a Park Slope townhouse at $4.45M, AND we—a Manhattan team—took over when the local brokers couldn't get it done. Also, this is the most famous house in Brooklyn as it was painted pink (named Pinkstone by the press) and had tourists from all over the world come and take photos of it. And lastly, it's an episode on MDLNY Season three. Note: While it's not a record, at least according to StreetEasy's account of past Park Slope sales, $1,363 per square foot isn't too shabby. Its current owners must be pretty happy with the flip, since they bought it for just $2 million in October of 2012 and did more than strip the Pepto-Bismol facade—masterminding a serious interior makeover.

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233 Garfield Place

233 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, NY