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$13M Modern West Village House Masquerades As Historic

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The townhouse at 31 Grove Street in the historic West Village looks no different than its late 19th century neighbors on the outside, but inside, you'll find no antique pocket doors or original crown moldings. Instead, the house has a modern, loft-like interior with open floorplans, a Mondrian-esque staircase, and Calder-like light sculptures; the Times described the house as "David Byrne dressed as Benjamin Harrison." The current owners bought the 4,230-square-foot house in 2002 to find that, after years of neglect as a rundown rental building, no original details remained, and they hired architects Gilles and Ogawa to do a total renovation to turn it into a five-bedroom single family house. They bought the place for $2.3 million, spent $1 million on the makeover, and have now listed it, 12 years later, for $12.995 million.

· Listing: 31 Grove Street [Elliman via StreetEasy]