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Browse Neat Old Maps Laid Over Modern-Day New York City

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Ever-excelling Google has unleashed a new mapping feature that allows users to superimpose information over Google Maps in an effort to streamline mapped data for the public. The Google Maps Gallery, as it will be known, "is a new and interactive way for companies and organizations to share and publish their mapping information," says PSFK. Despite the newness of the feature, historical and informative maps depicting things from troop movements of the Civil War to percentages of worldwide internet users have prevailed on the site. We, of course, have our eyes turned towards the New York City-centric maps, which depict housing affordability, a topographical map of the city in 1782, and a map published in 1932 detailing Washington's route through and around NYC, to name just a few. Each map is accompanied by a description and an offer to order a print copy, although that defeats the interactive purpose.

[This topographic map depicting New York in 1782 is reproduced from the original manuscript map now at the Public Records Office in London.]
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