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NYC Geography Trivia Challenge; Eco-Chair Scavenger Hunt

FLUSHING—The Queens Museum is hosting a trivia night tomorrow night based on one of its most well known exhibits—the Panorama of the City of New York that Robert Moses commissioned for the 1964 World's Fair. From the website:

The Panorama Challenge involves questions about assorted city landmarks, bridges, neighborhoods, parks and more. Identify the most locations and your team will have their name etched on the trophy at the Queens Museum! Each location will be pinpointed by one of the Levys' Unique New York team (New York's First Family of Tour Guides) who will be wielding laser pointers. [Queens Museum]

WHO KNOWS WHEREHouse Beautiful is hosting a scavenger hunt on Wednesday, March 12, where 20 eco-friendly designer chairs are placed around the city, all for the taking. "Jenni Pulos, co-star of Bravo's hit reality series, Flipping Out, will host the launch of the scavenger hunt for the stylish seats at 10 a.m. Clues about where chairs are being placed will be tweeted throughout the day, and the first person to locate a chair and sit in it, will get to keep it." So, if you need a new chair and you would rather fight strangers in the street than pay money, this is the thing for you. [CurbedWire Inbox]