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Bid On This Bonkers Unfinished South Brooklyn Mansion

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An Addams Family-esque manse in Borough Park, Brooklyn will head to the auction block in less than two weeks. Property Shark records show that the house at 1670 42nd Street, between 16th and 17th Avenues, has a lien of $2.8 million against it. The building looks like a giant next to its neighbors, and it's been troubled for some time now; Department of Buildings records show a multitude of complaints against the unfinished-structure. It looks like work began on the house more than a decade ago, and things seem to have gone downhill ever since—nearly 50 complaints have been filed against the property since 2004, and there are currently three open violations. Property Shark lists the owner as an anonymous LLC, while DOB records name a Sarah Goldberger. The foreclosure auction is scheduled for March 20.

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