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Bobby Flay's Gato Soft Opens; Per Se Gets 'Grade Pending'

This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Noho: Celebrity chef Bobby Flay's highly anticipated Spanish/Mediterranean bistro Gato had its soft opening this week, with Flay himself quietly cooking up some food in the kitchen and the bar serving drinks. The official grand opening is on Monday.

2) Columbus Circle: Per Se, one of New York City's fanciest and most expensive restaurants, currently has a "grade pending" following a Department of Health inspection. The restaurant apparently racked up 42 violations for things like food storage temperatures, enough for a "C" grade.

3) Murray Hill: Sarge's Deli, New York City's only 24-hour Jewish delicatessen, was ruined by grease fire in 2012 and has finally reopened after many delays. The opening was originally scheduled for fall of 2013 but obstacles presented themselves in the form of regulatory hurdles and poor weather. But the deli is back, just in time for its 50th birthday, and its fourth-generation owner promises that "everything is the same."

4) Manhattan: Looking to eat at one of the hottest restaurants Manhattan? Look no further than Eater's Manhattan Heatmap, featuring the 15 restaurants that are currently generating the most buzz, from Bobby Flay's Gato to Gallagher's Steakhouse, and more.