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W. R. Hearst's 7,000-Sq-Foot Clarendon Manse To Ask $38M

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A portion of the still-palatial residence that once belonged to the late newspaper magnate and real estate mogul William Randolph Hearst is expected to hit the market any moment now at an ask of $38 million. The three-floor co-op, which once spanned five levels in the Clarendon at 137 Riverside Drive before it was downsized, includes seven bedrooms, seven-and-a-half bathrooms, and covers about 7,000 square feet. The WSJ reports that some rooms in the manse have 15-foot-high ceilings, and once belonged to Hearst's 100-foot-long grand tapestry hall. Oh, okay.

According to an architectural historian, after Hearst's acquisition of the Clarendon in 1913 for $950,000, the go-doer put a copper mansard on the roof that allowed him to create the 100-foot-long, 30-foot-high gallery for the display of his historic antiques. In the '30's Hearst lost the building to foreclosure, at which time his grand aerie was divided into smaller units. We can only imagine what the place was like at its original five stories.
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