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75 Essex Owner Now Threatening To Develop Building Himself

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Shalom Eisner, owner of embattled Lower East Side building 75 Essex Street, has changed his tune and now says that might be okay with the building being landmarked, as long as he still gets to build an addition on top of it.

At a Community Board 3 meeting last night, Eisner told landmarks subcommittee members that, "I think we can be on the same page" about doing something with the property's 31,776 unused square feet of air rights, The Lo-Down reports. (The landmarks subcommittee and the Friends of the Lower East Side are of the opinion that 75 Essex, the former Eastern Dispensary Building, is architecturally and historically significant and worthy of landmark protection, so they are probably not on exactly the same page as Eisner, but it's worth a shot.) Eisner says that he is in talks with several potential partners for the unspecified project (likely going to be a condo conversion). The building has been on and off the market since 2010, first asking $18 million and later upping the ask to $21 million, but Eisner had no success with either price, and seems to have given up on selling the building after he couldn't even get the developers of the neighboring Essex Crossing megaproject to take it off his hands.

The CB3 subcommittee voted to recommend that the building be landmarked, for the second time in two months.
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