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Port Authority Selling Two Pieces of Land Near Lincoln Tunnel

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Another new development could be coming to Manhattan's west side. The Port Authority is shopping around two pieces of land along Dyer Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets, and while there are some obstacles to what could be built, the Journal reports that the land comes with development rights and has a maximum buildable area of 490,000-square-feet. The site sits near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel and is located on the block directly north of Brookfield's Manhattan West development. The Port Authority wants to sell the property to "maximize revenue" and help pay for ongoing very expensive, always over budget projects.

Dyer Avenue, part of which could be turned into a pocket park, runs between the two sites, and the road must remain open during construction. The Journal notes that if a developer wanted to use the whole 11,266-square-foot footprint for one project, a platform could be constructed over road, but that expense could be avoided by transferring all of the development rights to one parcel. If that happens, then the building could cantilever over Dyer Avenue, which seems to be the cool thing to do these days. A through-block landscaped public space connecting 33rd and 34th Streets is required. Any thoughts on how much the land will sell for or who will snatch it up?
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Map shows a rough outline of the sites for sale