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Port Authority Plans for New Traffic-Alleviating Bus Annex

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The Port Authority wants to build a new bus plaza with direct connections to the Lincoln Tunnel in hopes of alleviating a fraction of awful Midtown traffic. The proposed $400 million addition, The Galvin Plaza Bus Annex, would be located on a Port Authority-owned lot on the north side of West 39th Street between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, DNAinfo reports. The plaza would hold 100 buses that are often either causing congestion by circling the streets looking for parking, or commuter buses that often return to New Jersey until pick-up time, clogging the streets and tunnel. Officials site that at peak hours, 200 buses an hour will be able to be fed directly into the terminal, bypassing city streets, using the new facility; that's one-third more buses and all-around sanity during peak hours.

The Port Authority applied for a Federal Transit Administration grant on Friday, which would cover $230 million of the cost of the facility, and Community Board 4 is already on-board. If all goes according to plan, The Port Authority hopes to have a new, pretty practical annex by 2020. Now if only efforts were focused on making the Port Authority Bus Terminal a little less terrible and depressing.
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