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CB2 Frets Over Affordable Tenants at New Hudson St. Rental

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The warehouse at 261 Hudson Street, pictured at right, is no more, and a 12-story, 220-unit apartment building will take its place. Developed by Related and designed by Ismael Leyva, the development was thrust under the spotlight last night at the Community Board 2 meeting. Given the recent hoopla over limited access to building amenities for affordable tenants versus market rate ones, at issue was how this clash would play out on Hudson Street.

There's precedent here: Related and Leyva are working together on nearby 460 Washington, which will also be stacked with amenities (as is the norm these days). The board wanted to know if the tenants of the affordable apartments have access to such things as the gym and the computer room. "This could potentially be a tale of two cities within an individual building," said CB2 District Manager Bob Gormley.

"It's our responsibility to represent the spirit of the law," one community board member said, noting that the city didn't specify, in this case, what percentage of the apartment building must be affordable, and if the community at large has to have equal access to all the amenities built. She then continued, somewhat ominously, "We're onto you." Watch out, Related!

The meeting ended with the board agreeing to put "pressure" on the developer—since they can't actually force Related to do anything—to also put equivalent finishes (e.g., fixtures and countertops) in both the market-rate and affordable apartments. Those are features that could potentially be of lower quality in those two-bedroom apartments that cost some $915/month, board members worried, as a way of saying "you're poorer than the rest of us."
—Eric Jankiewicz
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—Photo of the site via Tribeca Citizen