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Astoria Building Calling Itself a 'Tower,' For Some Reason

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Despite the fact that it is clearly wider than it is tall, the architects of this new residential building at 31-43 Vernon Boulevard on the Astoria-Long Island City border are calling it Vernon Tower, presumably because Vernon Squat And Unremarkable Building was already taken. To be fair, at six stories, the building will be taller than most of the structures in the surrounding area. And, located right on the East River, it will have unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline, so, relatively speaking, it does share some of the characteristics of an actual tower.

Designed by PACS Architecture and developed by Michael Heletz of Vernon Tower LLC, the "tower," located across the street from Socrates Sculpture Park, will contain 79 units in its 66,300 square feet, according to recently filed Department of Building permits. However, the architects' website says that it will have 105 units, and that they will be a mixture of studio, one-, and two-bedroom units. Construction is set to begin this spring.

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