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Huge Plant Wall Isn't Enough to Woo Buyers to Degraw St. Home

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Perhaps thoroughly modern interiors, a glass suspension skywalk, two master bedrooms, and an 18-foot-high, 10-foot-wide living wall aren't for everyone who's looking and can purchase a $7.6 million Cobble Hill townhouse, but don't you know it, the brokers over at Town will keep trying. The semi-modern mecca at 305 Degraw Street, designed by Michael Ingui of Baxt Ingui Architects, has been on the market since April 2013 and has seen basically every trick in the book employed in its marketing; from a $400,000 pricechop to re-staging to numerous interior shots, and even a video—although the flick is really just long pans over the ever-present listing pictures set to a jazzy and hopeful theme. Now, the townhouse is going in for the kill with a CBS New York feature story, brought to our attention by Cobble Hill blog. "Did you see that, that is so cool," hums the CBS correspondent about the plant wall. Also elucidated in the video: there's a dishwasher in the world (and in 305 Degraw Street) that completes its cycle in 14 minutes. That, too, is pretty impressive.
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305 Degraw Street

305 Degraw Street Brooklyn, NY