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Extell Has Eye on East Harlem Development Site

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Apparently, if there's one thing that Extell loves more than building huge glassy towers it's destroying Pathmark supermarkets. With one Pathmark-replacing tower already in the works on the Lower East Side, Extell President Gary Barnett has put in a $39 million bid for another Pathmark site in East Harlem, the Daily News reports. If the deal goes through, he could build up to 10 stories of condos and affordable housing. The project would be Extell's first in Harlem.

Unsurprisingly, none of the neighborhood residents that the Daily News spoke to seemed particularly thrilled about the idea of huge, way-too-expensive condos replacing their local supermarket. Some of the board members of Abyssinian Triangle, which owns the majority of the site, also oppose the sale, with one claiming that Extell is unlikely to follow through on any promise involving affordable housing. The board will meet and vote on whether or not to approve the sale later this month.
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