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A Red Hook Trolley Reappears!; Union Sq. Gets Another Clock

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RED HOOK—One of the two Red Hook trolleys is back in its position behind Fairway Market following its mid-February removal. A Pardon Me For Asking tipster spotted the gleaming relic, which appears to have been given a spit shine and a new coat of paint. Upon the abrupt removal of the trolleys, it was speculated they were heading to the scrap yard. We're certainly glad to see that wasn't the case for at least one half of the duo. [CurbedWire inbox; PMFA; previously]

UNION SQUARE—A new, permanent, somewhat fantastical clock has appeared above 127 Fourth Avenue at 13th Street. Andrew Fine of Halstead notes the clock is part of Mirador Properties' rebranding of Pan Am Equities' 4,000-apartment portfolio. The rebranding has seen the upscaling of some of the properties through the installation of Restoration Hardware fixtures, high-end appliances, and revamped lobbies. [A Fine Blog]