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Potential Penthouse Combo at Northside Piers Wants $5.2M

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A potential combination in Two Northside Piers has been listed for the rather ambitious asking price of $5.199 million. The two units, which are owned by different people, are PH4, a duplex unit on the 30th & 31st floors, and 30Y, the neighboring one-bedroom that shares the kitchen wall of PH4. When combined, the home would measure 2,962-square-feet and could have five or six bedrooms. If the listing sells for anything close to the asking price, it would be the most expensive sale in the building, as well as the most expensive home ever sold in Williamsburg, according to StreetEasy data. The current record is held by PH5 in the same building, which sold for $3.6 million last year. Penthouse 4 is listed separately for $3.95 million, so even if that sells by itself, it will break the record. But is this space even worth $5.2 million, plus the cost of a major renovation?

Penthouse 4 sold in 2012 for $2,036,500 and unit 30Y sold for $729,000 around the same time. There's no separate listing for 30Y, so it seems like the owner of that unit only plans to sell if the buyer of PH4 is interested in the space, too.
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