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Details Revealed for Ben Shaoul's Verizon Tower Conversion

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Doubts aside, it's hard to say that our interest wasn't piqued when news surfaced that Ben Shaoul's Magnum Real Estate is converting the top 22 floors of the Verizon Building at 140 West Street into condos. Details about the project have been sparse so far, however, until now, as a section on the project buried in a Bloomberg article about how Downtown is so hot right now reveals some specifics of the partial conversion. Shaoul himself told Bloomberg that, "We're doing plenty of two, three, four and five-bedrooms," and that the 166 units will range in size from 1,200 to 3,500 square feet, with two duplex penthouses on the 31st and 32nd floors. Units are expected to start at $2 million, and the building will contain a pool, fitness center, yoga room, lounge, and wine bar.

As previously reported, Verizon is holding on to the bottom 10 floors of the building, and architect Ismael Leyva (The Charles, 460 Washington) is handling the conversion. Interior design firm Grade is doing the unit interiors and amenity spaces, and they have some renderings on their website. The project does not appear to have a timeframe yet.
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