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Here's Graphic Proof That Brooklyn Is Now Manhattan

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Yesterday, we got a good look at the latest market reports, and just in case you continue to have doubts that Brooklyn (the northern parts, at least) is basically just Manhattan with more artisanal slops, here's the definitive, easy-to-read proof.

According to Quartz (analyzing data pulled from Miller Samuel and Douglas Elliman), the median rent in north and northwest Brooklyn jumped to $2,900/month in March, which is 35% higher than in 2008. Compare those numbers to Manhattan, where median rent hovered around $3,200/month in March, only 3% higher than in 2008. It all points towards an impending convergence (which sounds much cooler than it actually is) between Manhattan and Brooklyn rents, at which point the borough will be officially declared "over" and everyone can move out to the suburbs, leaving The New York Times to scratch its head and look for a new place to ship its brave trend-seeking reporters.

We hear the bottom of the Gowanus Canal is very up-and-coming.
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