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Jimmy McMillan is Back With a Catchy New Single

Karate expert, activist, and perennial [insert election here] candidate of The Rent is Too Damn High Party, Jimmy McMillan, has been laying low recently, with barely a peep since the release of the epic music video that kicked off his 2013 mayoral campaign. Now, he's making a comeback with his insanely catchy new single "Jimmy Mack", which samples the Martha Reeves & the Vandellas track of the same name (the sample clearance fees are too damn high!)

McMillan has dabbled in a variety of genres in the past, from some real trap shit to the aforementioned, multi-suite epic. On "Jimmy Mack," the mustachioed maven delves into what we guess we'd call "spoken word" (maybe?), with Gil Scott Heron-esque flair.

There's trenchant social criticism ("College tuition, too damn high/Food, too damn high/Mortgage, too damn high") and even a response to critics ("They say I'm crazy, maybe I am/Crazy for givin' a damn"), but our favorite part has to be when Jimmy calls out the rents that are, admittedly, too damn high for various New York apartments ("Room, $1,800 a week/Studio, $9,000 a month/One-bedroom, $15,000 a month/Two-bedroom, $45,000 a month").

The scary thing is, he's not too far off. Keep up that damn fight, Jimmy.
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