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Tiny $425K Studio Somehow Manages To Fit a Ton of Stuff

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Many a microdwelling has hit the market in New York City in search of a buyer, but this Lower East Side specimen is pretty unique among its petite brethren. First off, the studio at 237 Eldridge Street was designed by Kenneth Nilson, an Arch Digest- and Interior Design Magazine-approved decorator. Nilson added customized built-ins to the main living room, which include cantilevered bookshelves and window-seat storage, a Murphy bed obscured by a vaguely theatric red curtain, a walk-in closet, and two workstations with big Macs that are apparently "fully integrated with an impressive audio/video system." The kitchen is also sizable (with updated appliances) for an apartment with this little square footage, especially one that's in a six-floor tenement building built in 1900, plus there's a washer/dryer. One more fun fact: the sellers are Momofuku bar director John de Bary and his husband, philanthropy exec Michael Hamill Remaley. Remaley bought the co-op in 2005 for $187,000, and they're now asking $425,000.

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