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Here's What Peter Poon's 50 Bowery Hotel Will Look Like

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A construction fence rendering reveals that, unsurprisingly, the new Peter Poon-designed hotel at 50 Bowery will be a big glass rectangle, which should look especially jarring looming over the individually landmarked Citizens Saving Bank. If those two buildings could talk, they probably wouldn't have much to say to each other.

Poon's 22-story glass box must be doubly upsetting for the local residents who had fought (briefly, and unsuccessfully) against the demolition of the buildings that formerly occupied the site, which were thought to include the remains of a historic beer hall where George Washington once slept. Not only will those rumors now go unexamined, but Chinatown and Lower East Side residents will get another unwelcome glass tower instead. The hotel, which is being developed by Alex Chu, will total 229 rooms. The Department of Buildings approved the plans two weeks ago.
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50 Bowery

50 Bowery, New York, NY