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Long-Stalled First Avenue Site, Now With 114 Units, Unveiled

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To get a sense of how long, in real estate time, this lot on First Avenue and 53rd Street has been in limbo, recall that in 2010, the planned luxury rental building for the site boasted that it would have the first rooftop movie screening facility in the city. The amenity is pretty much par for the course these days, so it's a good thing that new owners Toll Brothers are going a different direction with their project.

After the parcel went into foreclosure, Toll snatched it up for $64 million in early 2013. Its plans for the site were unclear, until today, when New York YIMBY spotted a rendering posted on the scaffolding. The 30-story tower will rise 333 feet, with 197,127 square feet of interior space, of which 9,569 will be ground-floor retail and the rest will be residential, housing 114 apartments. The architect of record is Goldstein Hill & West, a prolific firm that YIMBY notes tends to produce more modern designs. Yet the refreshing rendering for First Avenue isn't glassy, but rather brick or stone with large casement windows and a blocky setback at the top. It's set for completion in the fall of 2016.
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