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The World's Tallest Modular Tower Grows in Atlantic Yards

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Since the first mod of Atlantic Yards Tower B2 swung into place in mid-December, construction of the 322-foot-tall building has not gone as fast as planned. Curbed visited the site this weekend, and the SHoP Architects-designed structure, which will be the tallest modular building in the world when complete, still sits below the Barclays Center. The most recent construction report from developer Forest City Ratner, dated March 31, said that 81 of the 930 steel modules had been installed. The building is slated to be complete by December 2014, but things need to speed up if that's going to happen.

In other Atlantic Yards news, the local community boards involved with the site are experiencing something of a border war over the development. Currently, Atlantic Yards and the Barclays Center sit within the borders of three different boards. The Brooklyn Paper reports that CB2, which oversees Downtown Brooklyn and Fort Greene, voted to restructure the borders so Atlantic Yards is fully within its boundaries. The argument was that this will make local government more efficient in terms of who coordinate things like trash pick-up and policing.

However, CB8 in Prospect Heights, was not on board with giving CB2 full power. "Future residents of Atlantic Yards are going to consider themselves residents of Prospect Heights," said a member of CB8's housing committee. "You need to respect neighborhood boundaries." The third board involved is CB6. All three boards agree that having all of them involved makes things more complicated, but it seems that no one is willing to relinquish control. Community board boundaries are allowed to be redrawn every 10 years, but a formal proposal needs to be submitted by May 1 to make it happen. So far, CB2 is the only board to take an official stance.
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